NEC Partner Advantage

We work directly with NEC leadership representing NEC dealers to make sure we get the products, features, and service we need to be mutually successful in the marketplace. Issues such as warranty, marketing, coop funds, advertising all are discussed with NEC. NEC has been responsive to our requests as our cooperative efforts have worked well to increase market share.

Product Committees

Our product committees work with NEC product managers to provide feedback on product needs, such as features, marketing needs etc. A training committee is examining training needs for sales as well as technical staff.

Multi-Location Capabilities

We have an agreement in place where our members install NEC phone system for other dealers at not to exceed prices. These sales and installation happen on a routine basis in the US and Canada.

Members Area

We have a lot of information available to NEC dealers in our members only area, including product documentation, competitive information, technology overviews, best practices, etc.


We alert our members on current happenings by mailing out a quarterly newsletter, and provide urgent information by broadcast email!

Membership Directory

We maintain and promote a list of our members on this website to show customers that NEC systems can be installed and serviced throughout the U.S. and Canada. Over 500 hits per month by people searching for the nearest NEC dealer by ZIP/Postal code. 


NECDA members can use our member directory brochure when talking to customers with multiple locations.

NEC offers a complete line of Digital and IP telephones